February, the month of Love; a time to celebrate ourselves, and all of the people that we adore. We share 8 of favourite ways to share the love.

February, the month of Love; a time to celebrate ourselves, and all of the people that we adore. 

It’s no secret that the effects of self care ripples out into the lives of those around us, and in turn we too feel the benefits of our partners, friends and families showing themselves a little extra love!

Simply put, self love radiates and makes us all feel good universally.

We thought we would share some of our favorite gestures of self love to provide you with some inspiration for this sensual season. 
(hint: they also make fantastic date ideas for those of you wanting to share your experiences with a special someone!) 


Spend an hour experiencing a sensation of being lighter than air. Float tanks are a unique space where you can safely relax and drift into a dreamlike state; supported by a vessel filled with nourishing magnesium salts. Permitting you to embody the celestial being that you are! Share this magical experience with a friend or lover, many locations offer a tank that holds two beautiful bodies.


Our bodies carry us through each and every day, supporting our varied lifestyles and often holding the emotions of our everyday experiences.
By spending some time with a massage therapist we not only allow ourselves to let go of tension, but we also communicate to our bodies that we love, care, and respect them.

With so many styles of massage available you can tailor your experience to suit your needs, be it a dreamy head massage with some much needed TLC and time spent on your tired face and jaw, or you wish to indulge in a full body muscle release, there are massage options available for every want, need and desire.


The definition of Yoga is ‘the cessation of mind stuff’, an ancient practice intended to provide some relief from the internal chatter that we all experience naturally as a result of being human.
When we practice yoga we are spending some quality time in union with ourselves, preparing the body and mind for deep meditation.

This month we suggest trying some of the slower styles, creating space for you to connect with your heart space and allowing time to melt into the experience. Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra and Pranayama are some delicious styles to explore in a class setting or with an online practitioner.   


Baths are a deeply personal ritual, from the scents, sounds and self care practices that take place, this time is completely yours to indulge in.

We love to put on our favourite face mask, dim the lights, surround ourselves with candles, fill the bath with delicious scented oils and bubbles, put on some soulful music and slip into the water with a good book.


Take yourself out for a date, indulging in some of the vibrant culture enriching your nearby area.
This could be an exhibition at a gallery, spending some time intentionally getting lost in your local bookstore, attending a gig or theater production, or taking yourself out for a beautiful dinner accompanied by live music.
Whatever speaks to you, explore it with an open mind, switch off your phone and fully immerse yourself in the experience.


Nothing soothes the soul and connects us to our hearts quite like time spent in nature. We feel relaxed, calm and connected when we find ourselves in forests, beside the ocean, or sitting beneath a tree.

We are particularly fond of sunrises and sunsets, these transitional times of day are a perfect time for reflection, journaling or admiring the colours that appear in the skies.
If you are feeling creative take some paints or pencils with you, or a pen and paper to capture the moment in a poem.  


Creativity comes in many guises, and is simply an outlet for you to express yourself in a way that feels authentic and real to you.
Your creativity could be expressed through art using mediums such as paint, clay, written word or photography, but can also be found in alternative forms such as gardening, cooking, singing, playing music or dancing.


Beauty treatments are intentional gifts to ourselves that make us feel special and elevate our mood.
We take a great deal of pleasure in how these treatments make us feel both inside and out, with an added confidence boost for good measure!

At Bondi Bright we understand the joy of sharing this experience with our best friend, parent, or ‘special someone’, and have a Double Smiles Package available so that you can shine bright together. Save $100 per duo.

We also have a solo treatment for those of you looking to share the gift of your beautiful smile with your loves this month!

Book your treatment with us this month to receive Dr Hishams Vital Mints, a chewable supplement for your teeth that also freshens breath, helps maintain your results and can be used as a chewable toothpaste while traveling. Offer expires 28 Feb 2023. Have questions? Please reach out to us.

We look forward to taking care of you

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