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Teeth Whitening Treatments

In chair whitening using leading-edge L.E.D technology and a premium teeth whitening formula ensures immediate results to help you feel confident, look and feel healthy and happy.

Double Smiles

$700  ($350 each)
  • Book in with your friend or partner.
  • 8-14 shades lighter.
  • Mobile bookings only.

Advanced Whitening

  • 8-14 shades lighter.
  • Mobile or In-Clinic.
Most Popular

Ultimate Whitening

  • Up to 24 shades lighter.
  • Complementary pre- and post-whitening treatments with LED.
  • Mobile or In-Clinic.

For Optimal Results

For optimal teeth whitening results, we highly recommend you have a dental clean prior to your treatment. Plaque buildup will inhibit your results. Speak to us if you require Dentist recommendations.
Guaranteed Results
We guarantee you will achieve noticeable results, or your money back.
Pain Free
Premium gels and safe activating light mean our clients rarely experience even minor sensitivity.
Immediate Results
Forget multiple visits or cheap at-home kits that take months to get inferior results
No need for 6 monthly top-ups, our clients typically enjoy their bright new smiles for years!
Natural & Non-Toxic
Our dentist formulated, food grade, pH balanced gels give healthy, enamel safe whitening.

I am blown away by my results. I had been feeling self-conscious about my teeth for ages - after my Ultimate Whitening treatment I am so much more confident! I only wish I had booked in sooner.

Louise Gell • Physiotherapist • Watsons Bay

Common Questions

How many shades whiter will my teeth become?
This depends on the individual and is determined by various factors such as enamel density and types of staining, as well as which whitening treatment you have. Most commonly results are 8-22 shades lighter.
Where do I have my treatment?
With our convenient mobile service, we come to your home, hotel or office. Alternatively we can organise you a clinic appointment in Bondi, Bondi Junction, or Waterloo.
I drink a lot of coffee, will the treatment work for me?
Absolutely! We use a combination of 3 premium whitening gels, which treat a range of different staining. For heavy coffee (or tea) drinkers, we recommend our Ultimate Whitening treatment.
How long will my results last?
This depends on your lifestyle; smoking, coffee, tea, red wine and strongly pigmented foods like turmeric
can cause staining, however we can advise you on how best to reduce this. We recommend you have a Refresh Whitening treatment after 12-18 months to maintain your bright smile.
wedding special

Complimentary whitening for the bride or groom.

Have your wedding party smiling brightly on your special day.
Group bookings

We offer group packages to get you and your friends or family smiling confidently and ready for any special occasion. Simply get in contact and we can customise a package for you.

Request a personal consultation.

Do you have deep staining, fluorosis or tetracycline stains? Call us today or request a free consultation, and our senior technicians can tailor a treatment to get you great results, and boost your confidence instantly.